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"Taking into account the current trends and market situation ... more investments are planned for this and next year," Dobruchowski said.At the world's first import-themed national-level expo, Hungary is not the only country trying to expand influence through culture.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next

Speaking at a reception ceremony for the 7th batch of the China medical team on Saturday, Issac Cleto, director of Juba Teaching Hospital, hailed Zhu's dedication to serve and impart his knowledge free of charge to the people of South Sudan.The annual celebration is an important cultural event that the city of Alhambra has been hosting for the last 27 years. Originally launched by the city's Chamber of Commerce, the event was designed to create a bridge between Chinese and American cultures and to share the Chinese community's rich cultural heritage with their American neighbors.BAGHDAD, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- China's Ambassador to Iraq Chen Weiqing welcomed on Sunday Iraqi visa applicants at the Chinese embassy in Baghdad, ahead of Chinese Spring Festival, saying that China is keen to strengthen ties with Iraq.In the end, his mother sacrificed herself to help Lanling bid farewell to the lost and find his true self.


The festival is a popular Angeleno celebration sponsored by the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and will bring 200,000 festivalgoers together this weekend to celebrate the diverse pan-Asian and Pacific Island communities and culture of Los Angeles.Although he does not speak the Chinese language, he has been studying Chinese classics such as the Japanese version of The Analects of Confucius, and has co-authored a few books to convey the Chinese inspirations to science students in Japan."I find this form of art charming. It is so relaxing. I do not know how to put it in words," she told Xinhua."With a stable income, I could not only take care of my parents but also support my younger brother to get a better education. People are impressed by my achievements," she added."Culture opens borders," she added.

Adrian Joseph Ram, CEO of Fiji's Yaqara Pastoral Company limited, told Xinhua in his Yaqara Pasture, more than 100 km from Nadi, that nutritious Juncao has really helped his company and will surely have great potential."This is the place where we honor these victims," said Gell.

Recognizing that locating a Chinese company in the U.S. and providing well-compensated employment for a growing number of U.S. workers would be a win-win business model for both the U.S. and China, BYD opted to set up shop in Lancaster, a small desert city an hour north of Los Angeles, bringing jobs and prosperity with them.Echoing the remarks of the UN chief that the financial health of the organization "solely depends on member states meeting their financial obligations in full and on time," Pollard said "timely contributions are crucial to ensure a stable and predictable financial situation throughout the year."

Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next"One of my students, she's born here she couldn't even speak Chinese but she's performing a lion dance at the MET," said Mak, who goes to inner city schools to read his book "My Chinatown: One Year in Poem."


The process is complicated, which has been tweaked in the last decades with the help of new technologies. She was part of the research team examining the findings.Quijano said that now the entire processing of the coffee from toasting to packaging can be done locally."They argued that dancing is not a long-term profession, and I would be penniless when I grow old. They wanted me to find a stable job," Wang said. "But I think young people should strengthen their character by battling difficulties. Try your best even if you fail."

A giant costumed character of pig greeted the audience of the "Happy Chinese New Year 2019-Night of Beijing" show at the entrance, as the year 2019 is the "Year of the Pig" according to the Chinese Zodiac.Kopi Manove received Lin in 1998. It was at his backyard that Lin planted dry-land rice for the first time to see if it was suitable to grow in PNG. The results were cheerful. "Later, the dry-land rice of Gold Mountain No. 1 even had a record production of as high as 8.5 tons per hectare," 65-year-old Manove recalled excitedly.At a time when automation was on the rise in the 1940s, a group of glassworkers from the historic Riogolleau factory near Berazategui, a town in Buenos Aires province, decided to preserve the techniques of their craft, which had been perfected and passed down from generation to generation.

Tom Amolo, political and diplomatic secretary in the ministry of foreign affairs said the government values China-funded scholarships that have boosted efforts to bridge skills gap in the country.The Fushun Fruit SpA expects to export 1,000 tons of cherries by the end of the 2019-2020 season.


During the ceremony, the Mexican flag was flown at half-mast and a minute of silence was observed.Last October, with the technical support of Alipay, GCash launched its first ever QR code payment system - a type of barcode which includes the merchant's information - which spread rapidly this year. Now, GCash's QR code stickers set up in counters can be seen in many malls in Manila.

"Then a strong cyclone is moving to us and its resulting waves will block our way to north," Wang said.Besides training farmers, the experts also train government officials, agricultural technicians and researchers in the agricultural sector to ensure technical support.More and more foreigners like Zhuravleva have come to Hainan and fallen in love with the tropical island, not just to enjoy the warm climate, sunshine and beaches, but to pursue their dreams.

by Cristobal Chavez BravoThe country's national flag carrier, the Ariana Afghan Airlines, has resumed its flight once a week from Kabul to Urumqi since July 2016, which is much more convenient than other longer journeys.

"One of our major challenges is funding. It is always a major challenge when it comes to filming," Arinze recently told Xinhua in Lagos.The vast Iztapalapa district in east Mexico City is home to some two million people. In the district's La Planta neighborhood, large blue tents donated by the Chinese government a year ago still stand firm.

During the day, Song and other members of the "Green Future" environmental protection association - a non-profit volunteer team founded and led by Song Keming - search along hundreds of miles along the riverbanks to remove poisoned bait placed by poachers and to rescue any surviving wildlife from threats such as deadly toxins, nets or gunshots or properly dispose of dead bodies."We offered 600 exams at different levels," said Conejero. "That number will likely be slightly higher this year."Serafin Alvarez Tato, Sideco's director of Automotive Businesses, said the importer was happy to see the Chinese car maker finally venture into Argentina, "the only country in Latin America that was left to introduce its products in."

Ramli's job is to slice into the bark of the rubber tree and harvest the latex using a cup. Weather permitting, he could finish the daily task of tapping 600 trees in three hours.The outcomes are different. Seven Chinese fish processing plants in several states along the Mississippi River have gone bust one by one, while the 62-year-old Chinese American has managed to make her business grow."I don't want to frighten my customers away. I have no choice but (to) bring it on later when a more suitable juncture comes up. This just tells how hard it is to maintain a food business here, especially a Chinese one right at this moment," he said.Cambodia's booth transports visitors to the country's Royal Palace. Plants and flowers enhanced the golden roof and pillars. Dealers were asking for more information about palm sugar, fragrant rice, pepper and other products exhibited at the booth."My friends informed me about this jobs recruitment fair and later learnt about it on our campus social media platforms. I feel honored to engage executives from Chinese companies and I believe they value local talent," said Njogu.

Sisters Dayana and Leydis Lopez bought four paintings to decorate their house, and their favorite is a lotus flower painting they plan to keep in their bedroom.China Post invited 99-year-old artist Zhou Lingzhao to design this year's zodiac stamps. Zhou is noted as the portraitist of Chairman Mao Zedong on the Tian'anmen Rostrum at the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China in 1949."My employer has given me latitude to explore new horizons and that is why I feel motivated to work harder and deliver impeccable results. Local employees in my organization interact freely with our Chinese colleagues to share knowledge and ideas that can contribute to our growth," said Mpoke.

Essam was so excited and overjoyed while filming her son in the swimming pool during the class, hugging him every time he comes out of the pool for a few seconds. She was happy that the coach focused more on the kid's leg muscle problem."Without them, things would not have been done so smoothly, and the cost would have been much higher," he said.Samuel Chege, current chairman of Kenya Student Association in Beijing, said that China has become a favorite destination for Kenyan youth keen to pursue higher education in marketable disciplines like medicine, ICT, engineering, finance and diplomacy.

Wang Shuwen, a representative of KCETA, said that career fairs have become a critical platform for fostering interaction between Chinese enterprises and local youth searching for gainful employment and an opportunity to upgrade skills.A lack of spare parts, mainly due to the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba, has turned the Caribbean island's classic car buffs into true innovators.

According to art critic Tony Pinera, Alicia Ernestina de la Caridad del Cobre Martinez Hoya, born on Dec. 21, 1920, "is a symbol of Cuba" because "she dedicated her entire life since her earliest youth to ballet, and founded the seed, the company (BNC)" along with her dancer and choreographer husband Fernando Alonso, whom she married at the age of 15."Our achievement from the CIIE was that we gained three to four potential clients, and during the event we actually signed contracts. We discussed with three other parties post CIIE to send the wine in the next three to four months," he said.Although high-speed trains have greatly slashed travel time for many Chinese, it is still an arduous journey to travel from the countryside in the southwest to the eastern coast.

At the request of a hostess, Mike plucked the traditional instrument, and a flow of percussive tone was produced from the long-necked fretless lute. It has a long fingerboard, and the body is traditionally made from snakeskin stretched over a rounded rectangular resonator.A similar gun safety bill was approved by the New York legislature earlier this month, and is expected to be signed by Cuomo.

"It's a market that is double the size of the market of the European Economic Community and double the size of the U.S. market, which numbers 12 million autos," he said.According to the report delivered at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October, China will make steady progress in ensuring people's access to childcare.

In Zhongwei, about 10,333 hectares of sand is covered by these straw checkerboards. Shrubs, windshield belts, and grass belts are also constructed to keep the railway safe. Water from the Yellow River was diverted to irrigate the plants and shrubbery. The fight against sand never stops in Zhongwei."The Chinese and Ethiopian Airlines relationship is a big deal for us. We appreciate the Chinese customers for believing in our services for quite a lot of years," said Teklay."Now I'm alone in Aden and trying hard to find work in the field of fishing only because I have enough experience and it's my favorite job," he added.Rosell had a PhD in Information Sciences from the University of Havana, and she stressed that they currently have more than 900 students, distributed in 53 groups.


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